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women's day 2021 rangoli

Pleiades: An Internet resource for womenAgreat place for the internet beginner to start out.Elegant BrideSimplythe most elegant way to get the informationyou need to make your wedding a dreamcome true.FIND TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY.Set aside a little time each daytospend doing something just for you.FAMILYFive tips to help you keep the balance.

Single MothersA place for you Single Mothers to find encouragement and strength in yourdaily lives.BizWomenResources and information for womenin business.TroomA great new Web destination for Young Womenand Girls!By connecting with each other is when we find the strength andcourage to keep on moving.You owe it to yourself and your family to take care of your inner self.Groovy Pagemusings, stories and thoughts of a young womanwho has a lot to say about a lotof things!Got a good URL for Women, let us knowClickHereWeadded these sites listed belowbut have not had time to check them all out.

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Dedicate some time each day to spendjust with yur familywith no interruptions and plan special family outings andholiday getaways as often as you can.CybergirlMany interesting things for, andabout girls.Info about loans, mentorship programs and more!WITIWhat is the status of women in technologytoday?Here aresome tips to help you maintain thedelicate balance between work and family.Business OwnershipEverything you ever needed to know about being a womanin business!How important is this task or event?

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Women On the Webcollection of homepages and other stuff of, by, and about women.Womens neral interesting Info.Something to add to the LIST?Read a book, take a bubblebath or a longwalk.TOP OF PAGEOther Cool Pages to Visit on this site.

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Elk Location MapsQuestions, Comments or Ideas?Limit the number of activities and responsibilitiesyou take on.PRMOTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS.Lots of info about the internetand women in general.MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.

women's day 2021 rangoli

She is afriend of the Webmaster of this site.Listed Here are some of the best siteswe foundfor Women on the Internet.Women in Business: Cyberspace Field of Dreamsis a new site for women in business,with all kinds of links and resources.Good resource for promotinga small business on the Internet.Ittook a lot of hard work and many hours to put all of this together.

women's day 2021 rangoli

WireMany resources for women.Presents cool women on the Web withtheir own personal homepage.FemaleA web site devoted to Women and Muscle building.Therest will come easy.New MoonA fab magazine for youngwomen and girls!Here are some interesting signs you may have never seenWomenof the Wild West Shows.Avoidwasting your time on trivial activities.

women's day 2021 rangoli

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Lorie and let her know where you found the link.Check out WITI to find out.

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