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Palgrave Macmillan US, 2000.Thursday morning at St.Women and Worship in Burmah.

Hunting in the Shires.The new Lord Greville is expected to be an addition to the debating power of the Government in the House of Lords.Perhaps, though, in these days of motors there is less confidential talk and leisurely companionship than there used to be during the long homeward rides with a cigar and a favourite friend to make the ride seem short.They have been given by Lady Brassey, Mrs.Cambridge University Press, 2007.The Australian Journal August 1895: 694, Col.The Literary Women of England.

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House of Commons, or sport to come any other day, and very pleasant people used to appear.Lord Wolseley was delighted.The Turn of the Screw.Beatrice Violet Greville, 1896.When I arrived at her house in Charles Street, St.The London Magazine Apr 1905.Christmas revels bring forward the question of eating.

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The effects of Countess Castiglione, one of the beauties of the Third Empire, who died a short time ago, will be sold shortly by auction.Byron Reed on the 5th of last month, is the elder son and heir of Algernon, second Baron gravel.The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Who Became Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.Greville Baronetcy was created.Lady Brassey and myself, but many interesting men.Tewin; this story mentions only men at the hunt.

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For many years she was well known as a writer under the name of Lady Violet Greville.The best I ever had was 16.Center for Resource Economics, 2015.Journal of the Society of Arts, Vol.Lady Violet Greville and Mr.

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Earl of Coventry and Lady Blanche CravenEarl CowperThe Countess of Fife and Lady Anne DuffSir Ivor Guest, Bart.By this objectless lack of courtesy they do a serious wrong to the English stage, and especially to our original dramatists.In 1822 she married Thomas Robarts Thellusson, who died in 1869.Lady Bountiful: Women of the Landed Classes and Rural Philanthropy.You met Patti, Christine Nilsson with the face of an angel, Rubinstein, and Pederewski.Biographical Sketches Being Memorials of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Henry Alford, Mrs.

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Duchess of Westminster, Mdme.Fulke Greville, he sat for Westmeath from 1865 to 1874, and showed some promise as a politician; but being defeated at Westmeath in 1874 because he was not sufficiently a Home Ruler, and had taken the pay of the hated Saxon as Groom in Waiting and Lord of the Treasury, he was rejected by Perthshire in 1878 because he was too advanced on Irish matters, and Dochester would have nothing of him in 1880.We rule by love, of course.Beatrice Violet Graham, 22 Mar 1842; citing Welford, Northampton, England, reference item 1 p 61; FHL microfilm 2, 000, 020.Beatrice Violet Greville, 1897.

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We all sat very near together, too near together many people thought; but her hospitality was unbounded, and she loved to see her friends around her.Day, sketched by other Gentlewomen.Kensington 3042 Greville Lady Violet.It is a pity many of the simple recipes and the knowledge of herbs have almost died out among ladies.Lady Beatrice Violet Graham.

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The whole production marks a return to the bad methods of the bad days.Reported word count: 213.The Master of Hounds.Lady Violet Greville attended a morning party hosted by Mrs.Clarendon, and Trollope, the novelist, a heavy man and hard rider, whose language in male society was, I believe, so lurid that I was not admitted to breakfast with him.

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By the Lady Greville.London Metropolitan Archives, London.Men of the Day.Middlesex Probate London 21 January to the right honourable Charles Beresford Fulke baron Greville.Germano, the Countess of Jersey, Mr.But the little Japs and Chinese sleeve dogs are, of course, intended for fondling and carrying about, and centuries of spoiling have taught them to play the part of domestic tyrant most efficiently.The Gentlewoman in the Garden, Mrs.

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The company present numbered upwards of 350.City of London Directory.Although her illness had caused much anxiety to her family, her immediate death was not expected, and on Sunday a slight improvement being noticcd, the present Duke and Duchess left for Scotland, where they now are.What better can we say of most of our friends?Does anyone read his novels now, I wonder?London: Chapman and Hall, 1885.The Gentlewoman in Society.

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Making Faces: Tattooed Women and Colonial Regimes.George Grossmith frequently came to stay, and would entertain us in the evening with his inimitable songs and imitations.The band of the regiment was in attendance under the able direction of Mr.Amongst those present were the Duchess of Montrose, Lady Willoughby de Broke and the Hon.March 31, census, Fulke Greville is living in St.

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Queensland Community Press, 2002.Woman and the New Century.Works of Fiction, etc.She has to earn her living but does not know how to set about it, she is thorough in nothing, and she has neither method nor a definite purpose.Surely love means the entire and impassioned surrender of self to the beloved objectDaisy.By Lady Violet Greville.

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For some reason or another, this particular clique seems to have taken exception to the marriage of Lord Granary to Miss Mills.Beresford Graham, and Marcus Henry Miller married.The piety of society never feels at all.Reported word count: 538.Montague Williams, and others.British Women Travel Writers and Sport.Uneven orientalisms: Burmese women and the feminist imagination.

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Nobody gave breakfasts, and the few entertainments called by that name were simply afternoon parties.Piety does not concern itself with the sorrows of the erring; it has enough to do to pat the virtuous on the back.An Important Precursor to Recent Books that Support and Acclaim the Achievements of Women in Sports.Harrison, Frederic, et al.Europe and write an illustrated book about their journeys, thus combining pleasure and profit.Lady Greville knows Society thoroughly, and she knows, moreover, how to describe it with vivacity.

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September 20, Tuesday, Mr.It eschews feelings as the elder Mill did sentiment, and feasts on the sense of its own worthiness.Cranford Manor is near Wimborne, Dorset.Carlyle groping and racing among the men and women of the first Revolution, you cannot imagine what manner of man he is.Reported word count: 926.

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Captain Greville, who is a Magistrate for Co.Davenport Adams have been appointed acting editor of Life.The Home for Failures.Reported word count: 257.Google Books: Williams, Jane.Marcus Henry Milner to Caroline Duchess of Montrose at Mrs.Third, and this seems to me the most surprising, modern and even somewhat contradictory element in this diatribe, is the emphasis on the idea of sacrifice.

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Bourke and Sandys, and Mr.By the way, he once nearly knocked me over as we charged at a bullfinch.Cook, Chris, et al.Greville says had never been published.Pegasus into a sedately jogging pony; they must learn to do violence to their better selves, and like everything only moderately and in reason.

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Memoires of the Great War.New Woman Novels in Newspapers.Learned Lady; Letters from Robert Browning to Mrs.Lady Greville, once known to the world as Lady Beatrice Violet Graham, is the authoress of several novels; above the average of the circulating library.Skating by Miss Laura Cannan and lawn tennis by Mrs.Although some wise people noticed a certain amount of youthful ardor in the attentions paid by Mr.Greville died in Middlesex county.

December 12, Beatrice Violet Graham married Algernon William Fulke Greville at St.The Victoria Library for Gentlewoman is treated more fully, below.He had a curious habit at breakfast of piling marmalade on his slice of bread and butter, and then dipping it into his tea.Other volumes include The Home, by Mrs.All the celebrated artists of the day came there.Daughters: Women of the British Empire.Gilbert and Lady Evenlyn Heathcote, Mr.

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Ettie: The Intimate Life and Dauntless Spirit of Lady Desborough.We are afraid of simple lives, clear spaces, true values, and the consequence is an incongruous jumble.Dholpore Cup of 500l.The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Stage Baby.Algernon William Fulke Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.

Presents have become a tax, and, therefore, unwelcome to many.The marriage causes a curious reshuffling of the cards of affinity.List of new Books.Lady Probyn, having the use of one of these regal conveyances.Reported word count: 346.

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Today, it is easier to recognise the image conjured up by Lady Greville, which she finds so strange and I think even exciting, and speaks of in generous astonishment, as her language reveals.In no house in London would she sing except at Lancaster Gate, not even for Mr.Sight reading stood me in good stead.Paris, athletic girls and Shakers and closing doors, music hall on a lake in Minneapolis, first woman election agent, a burglar at the castle of the Duke of Montrose in Scotland, Miss Kate Livingstone.By The Duchess of Newcastle.

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Duchess of Montrose, the Marchioness St.Algernon William Fulke Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.Sir Charles Wyndham and the dainty Mary Moore, his leading lady.Mrs Greville, a woman herself of the most brilliant talents, actually prostrate herself on the floor before him, just as I have seen ladies of rank and talent literally sitting at the feet of Sir Henry Irving.Dick Carrol, on the eve of the election, is startling, and adds yet another to the many unexpected and original incidents of the tale.

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Victorians as fusty and clumsy, and he would find priceless Chippendale chairs and tables stored away contemptuously in all kinds of humble places.We found her with Lady Greville, who had come to interview her, on the subject of women cross country riders, for some magazine.He was 22; she was 68 if she was 16 at her first marriage, in 1836, 70 if she was 18.Only really great artists sang and played there, and in the company intellectual and agreeable and handsome women were always to be seen.Reported word count: 617.With an introduction by the 5th Earl of Ashburnham.

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Reprinted in the London Library edition, not mentioned in the contemporary reviews.Thesis, Brigham Young University.Reported word count: 222.Lady Violet Greville on Women.The World of the Forsytes.Holmby House or Kate Coventry.

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Her eldest son, who predeceased his father, married the only daughter of the late Rt.Lord and Lady Ernest Bruce, in St.Occupation qualification for women.Marquis of Conyngham, the Marquis of Hargington, the Countess of Jersey, and Lady Caroline Villiers, Earl Annesley, Viscountand Viscountess Newport, Lord and Lady Proby, Hon.The Most Upsetting Woman: Autobiography, One.

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Horses and Their Riders.Mary Eddy, who is described.Miss Annie Irish, but its conclusion is not wholly palatable.The Ohio State University, 1982.The average English girl is fit for nothing.The talk was, of course, picturesque, vivacious and interesting.

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He would come and discuss the project with me, and as soon as they were finished took me to see them and infused into me his own enthusiasm.The costumes in Mrs.Viscount Powerscourt and Lady Julia CokeLord and Lady ProbyLord SandysMr.He said it tasted excellent, and I suppose he knew, as the French are great gourmets.Actual word count: 1814.London: Chapman and Hall.Royal Assembly Rooms, Leamington, on Monday night.

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Just now the hunting season is at its height.Lady Waldegrave and Lady Molesworth, daughter of Braham the singer, entertained delightfully.The Women Churchillians and the Politics of Shame.The Price of Peace.Lady Virginia SandarsMary Montgomerie Lamb Singleton, pseud.In her old age, Mrs.

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Ronald Henry Fulke Greville and Margaret Helen Anderson married.Reported word count: 390.Satan and the temptations of the world?When I first went there only Lord and Lady Otto Fitzgerald and Lady Diana Huddleston, whose husband was a judge, represented the aristocracy.Lady Sykes brings out a new paper, Sunrise, which promises to be original and clever, while Mrs.The Graphic 2 July 1898.The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 82.

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Learning to Ride at Mansfield Park.They thoroughly understood the Irish character, could bandy words with the most irate of horse dealers and strike a good bargain with the meanest of them.Gardening Women: Their Stories from 1600 to the Present.Sunshine of the Sick Poor, The.Violet Greville listed in the London Electoral Register for 1896, City of Westminster, St.Qualified by Occupation qualification to vote in both Parliamentary and Local Government elections.Israeli in his old age I often met arm in arm walking with Mr.

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Her son, the Hon.Though most of the time we were alone, his verve, his eloquence, his picturesque and amusing similes, his jests, were unfailing and spontaneous.The London Magazine October 1905.London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.Mourning and Memorial Jewelry of the Victorian Age.Chat with Lady Violet Greville.Reported word count: 520.

You met Gusto Doré, Oscar Wilde, the wits, the writers, and the leading critics.Author Information page for Lady Violet Greville.Experience has at last taught us what to expect and how to meet them.Reprinted in the London Library edition.London: Adam and Charles Black; New York: Macmillan, 1907.

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Women and Victorian Theatre.At one time she owned the Villa Thorenc at Cannes, and it was there she last entertained the Prince of Wales.Gabrielle left her at her death all her jewelry, including some beautiful turquoises.Real religion feels deeply, and consequently sympathises deeply.Lady Dorothy NevillViscount and Viscountess NewportMr.Viscount and Viscountess Cranbourne entertained Lord and Lady Burghley, Hon.Beatrice Violet Greville, 1895.

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New York: Workman, 2012.In writing upon swimming Mrs.Palgrave Macmillan UK, 1977.The Late Dowager Lady Greville.At Home given by Mrs.Roads Were Not Built for Cars.Victorian Fiction Research Unit, Department of English, University of Queensland, 1993.

Harvard University Press, 1966.Philanthropy and the Poetics of Space.Greville of Milford, and of Lady Probyn.Gower wrote that he called on Thomas Carlyle with a Mrs.The chapters on fishing, from the pens of Lady Colin Campbell, Miss Starkey, Mrs.They were very fond of artistic society, and Mr.Monckton Mills, the father of the present Lord Crewe, kept one entertained with anecdotes; Lord Powerscourt discoursed on pictures, he was a great collector; and Oscar Wilde talked like his books, with picturesque and delightful volubility.

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That Hated Saxon: A Sporting Story.Faiths and Fashions: A Series of Essays on Social Questions.May 20, Friday, Mr.Personally, I thought it rather nasty, but there is to accounting for tastes.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2003.

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Of course one acquits them from the outset of any wish to deceive.England, his holdings aggregating 20, 000 acres.He was perfectly devoted to him, and cheered and soothed his declining days.Autobiographies and the Politics of Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain.Lieutenant, Governors of Colonies, Knights and Companions of Orders, Deans and Archdeacons, and the Superior Officers of the Army and Navy, with Their Official Descriptions and Addresses.Reported word count: 962.

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The Graphic 1 September 1900.Windfall, with such success in the Solent; and a very breezy chapter is contributed.MacColl, Gail, and Carol McD.Fulham to give away the Duchess.It is reverting to the old Oriental idea, that to dance or sing is undignified, and that a great personage must needs pay performers to amuse him.The Academy 13 November 1880, Vol.Number Twenty: Fables and Fantasies.

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Writing Women of the Fin de Siècle.Degeneration and Eugenics in the Work of Ford Madox Ford and Violet Hunt.New York Public Library.Violet Greville listed in the London Electoral Register for 1897, City of Westminster, St.Edited by Lady Violet Greville.Lady Violet Greville on Women.

He generally has an hour or two with Humphreys, near Lambourne, and and he assisted his friend Major Stapylton in the formation of his breeding and racing stud.She was 8 months pregnant?Literary Approach to the Philosophy of Philanthropy.Later in the evening Viscountess Cranbourne received a small and early party.Lady Charlotte Schreiber, Capt.London, but in Brighton, people wear white in the sun.George Hanover Square, London, Upper Belgrave Street.

Victorian Literature and Culture 35.Worldcat lists 4 copies, only 1 in North America, at Cornell.There is no fault to be found with the word itself; still, we cannot but think that it is a pity to revive it, especially for that reason.Another eventful ride I had in Warwickshire.Sarah Bernhardt pretty well at one time.Algernon William Fulke Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.May 9, Beatrice Violet Graham is said to be about to marry Sir Ivor Bertie Guest, Bart.

December weddings, one at the Chapel Royal Lady Greville might have attended?The book is written in a light and eminently readable style, in which a piquant vein of feminine cynicism occasionally predominates; and in regard to the minor, but btill important, matters of type, printing, and binding, the publishers have dono their part excellently.Court, and laments the fact that all kinds and conditions of people think themselves good enough to receive this supreme honour.Margot was delightful and most amusing.The Venus de Medicis, I believe, is less, and we cannot all aspire to be Venus de Medicis.Addresses progress made by women in the 19th century, mostly to the good according to Violet Greville but also the things she thinks were losses; she addresses disparities in wages between men and women.

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He had an excellent cook and very good wine.Our servants belong to our climate like our Christmas fogs, our roast beef, and our cricket.It is needless to state that an accomplished archers like Mrs.Black and white muslin was worn by Mme.Poor Miss Annie Hughes!

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Courts, often amused us with his accounts of the errors and antics committed by some débutantes in their shyness.The duchess is the youngest daughter of the fourth Duke of Montrose, who died in 1874.Lady Violet Greville is.Fulham, by the Rev.Another very interesting Bohemian house was that of Mr.Crowe and her sister Miss Isabel Bateman; Mr.The Theory and Practice of the English Leisure Classes.

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The last occasion on which I saw Lord Waterford was an extremely sad one.Greville, Lady Violet, ed.Nugent in addition to his own.Algernon William Fulke Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.The truth is, piety is not religion, but merely a kind of veneer; and chiefly from this difference, that in piety there is no heart.

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Greville when occasion offers, and say I hope she received the presentation copy I ordered Chatto to send her of m last poems on their appearance a year ago?The Right Sort of Woman: Victorian Travel Writers and the Fitness of an Empire.Five vans were alone required to remove her papers, all of which have been burnt.Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a dwelling house at 8 Upper Belgrave street, St.The first railway to be opened in Cyprus.Reported word count: 355.

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All duties become a tax after a time.Carlyle had the least idea he was reclining in a royal carriage.Propert, would possibly have remained a secret for some time to come.The Victoria Library for Gentlewoman is treated more fully, below.Aunt of Duke of Montrose Dead.Surrender of the self absolutely would, I fear, lead very soon to the complete wreck of the matrimonial ship.Lady Violet Greville, the author of the first of this series, can hardly be congratulated upon the success of her contribution to it.

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Creatures of Clay: A Novel.The Victoria Library for Gentlewomen, ed.New Members of Mr.Lady in the Contents but signed Violet Greville on the article.Edwards, Peter David, and Andrew Dowling.Lady Violet Greville is the sister of the present Duke of Montrose and the Marchioness of Breadalbane and is the daughter of the sporting Dowager Duchess who married Mr.

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Cotillions, too, the prettiest and daintiest of French dances, have been much in favour.Amongst the company were the Duchess of St.Palgrave Macmillan UK, 1989.The Gentlewoman at Home, by Mrs.Probably not this Mrs.Reported in a number of newspapers.

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According to somebody on Rootschat, they may have spent their honeymoon at the house of her aunt Emily Graham Foley.London: Chapman and Hall or Chatto, 1907.Marshall, Lord Sandys, Sir Ivor Guest, Bart.Alma Murray, 9 May 1886.Israeli first took a fancy to him when he saw him dancing and fooling about in a drawing room.Actual word count: 1814.Majumdar, Boria, and Fan Hong.

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Late Victorian Aristocrats and the Racial Other: The Devonshire House Ball of 1897.The Spectator 15 January 1881, Vol.They write with the air and confidence of experts upon a variety of themes, ranging from trout fishing to fencing.Mackenzie takes charge of the Boating and Sculling department; Mrs.He will doubtless not have supposed that women are such adepts at the sports he himself affects.She is more amusing, however, when she comes to catalogue them.Reprinted in the London Library edition, not mentioned in the contemporary reviews.

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May 1891, 35 performances.Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 8 Upper Belgrave street, St.Dinner here became a fusillade of bon mots and careless levity, not always very refined but always amusing.London: Kelly and Co.Edwardian Ladies and Imperial Power.

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Reported word count: 1923.Among the most ardent followers of the hounds are Mary Duchess of Hamilton and her daughter.Nineteenth Century in June 1890?They should be reserved, I think, for the poor, the children, and those near and dear to one who appreciate the kind thought rather than the value of the gift.Milner and the Duchess of Montrose have now gone to Newmarket.

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By Miss Betham Edwards.Nationality: British, family Scots; husband British, family Irish.Violet Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register for 1894, at a house at 38 Montpelier Square, City of Westminster.She wrote about it in The Graphic.Voices at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.The Graphic 25 July 1903.

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The Academy 13 November 1880, No.She sold the villa a few years back, and Mr.Drummond gave birth to Auriol Cammilla Sharlia Blanche Hay.She was a woman of marvelous energy, a sculptress, a painter, an artist, and above all a woman of charm.Camilla Dagmar Violet Greville married Alistair George Hay.Politics and election tactics occupy no small part of this book, the author treats them with a thorough knowledge of her subjects, and, when opportunity allows, lightens these somewhat grave themes by flashes of genuine humour.

The Times 3 December 1909, Friday: 11, Col.Having a Good Time Single?Greville is against the left side of the column, Violet on the right side above.The History Press, 2011.He became Captain in July, 1892, and resigned his commission in the course of the present year.Women, Pets, and Imperialism: The British Pekingese Dog and Nostalgia for Old China.Some people love their dinner.

Music Book, by Miss Oliveria Prescott.His family motto, too, warns him from that view of property which makes its absolute possession independent of moral duty to use and not to abuse it.Sir Edmund Filmer, Bart.Calendar, and give place to the real appellation of the owner.The good journalist is born, not made, and the young ladies who accept a few shillings for hack work can never hope to make even a sufficient living by it.The Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire as at Present Existing.

Margot was splendid in her description of the various types of riding, and of the falls and smashes she had had and witnessed.Zoe: A Girl of Genius.London: Ward and Downey, 1893.Consequently pity is as alien to it as love.PRO RG 14, The National Archives of the UK, Kew, Surrey.

Journalism is a good staff but a bad stay.About twenty we were, all the women pretty and the men distinguished.Alexandra, Princess of Wales, at St.The Grossmiths often came to Mrs.Levin, Carole, and Catherine Medici.Home, at a time when we were in sore money difficulties at the beginning of our enterprise.The Review of Reviews.

An Aristocratic Alliance, produced at the Criterion Theatre, 1894.Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2010.Canford Manor, Dorset, including the Duchess of Cleveland, the Marquis and Marchioness of Bristol, the Marquis and Marchioness Townshend, Viscount and Viscountess Powerscourt, Colonel and Lady Violet Greville, the Misses Primrose, Lady and Misses Sandys, Hon.The Duchess, as the President of the National Cat Club, of course, assumed the lead among the ladies, who included Lady Reid and Mrs.Where Lady Violet Greville condescends to fall back upon Augier, some of the interest of the original survives, though English names, costumes, and allusions sit very uneasily upon the essentially French characters, and the necessary elimination of the duel leaves the last act utterly savories.Camilla Dagmar Violet Greville and Alistair George Hay were divorced.

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Some people are beginning to tire of the slavery of bridge, and the waste of many hours spent in playing it.Albans and Lady Diana Beauclerk, the Countess of Fife and Lady Anne Duff, the Earl of Tyrone, Count Maffie, Earl Amherst and Lady Constance Amherst, Mr.Thaddeus has painted a portrait of Mrs.Theatre Writing in Victorian Britain.Reported word count: 459.London: Longmans, Green, 1880.When the Comte hooked and finally landed his salmon, he was as delighted as a child, and at once sent it off to his wife.

DOI at Cheang, Sarah.Lady Charlotte Schreiberthe Duchess of St.Everyone, lately, has been buying presents.Langtry, the ideal of classical beauty; Lady Dudley, tall and stately; Lady Londonderry; Lady Ormonde, a lovely creature; Mrs.They were very handsome, too: Charlie, the keen sailor; William, commonly called Bill, later the perfect courtier and organizer at the Viceregal Court at Calcutta, a fine rider without fear; Marcus, the authority on racing and brimful of sporting stores; and Lord Waterford, our delightful host.

Lady Colin Campbell was a frequent guest.The subject could not have been in better hands.Even the charity of the pious is doled out with a savouring of acrid displeasure that serves to make the bread bitter in the mouth of the recipient, while the judgment of these good people is invariably tinctured by their peculiar inclinations.Thom, Adam Bisset, Compiler.The sales are on.

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The Athenaeum: A Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama.Her interpretation and gloss on the Gentlewoman testimony, as cited in that magazine, have a significant cast on three counts.Greville, Lady Beatrice Violet.Palgrave Macmillan UK, 1996.Reported word count: 195.There is veneer, but no real value, underneath.

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Others of the company were Greville Sartoris, son of the beautiful Mrs.During the last half of the nineteenth century the Surrey and Berkshire district about Sunningdale abounded in social centers, forming the most agreeable and characteristic feature of the time.Re: Lady Violet Greville.Chesterton and gluttony vs epicureanism; Mr.Cannadine, David, et al.

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Love is, of course, a powerful influence; but then we must define love.The Gentlewoman in Society, by Lady Violet Greville.Bruce, daughter of Lord and Lady Ernest Bruce.Queen Alexandra; she was at the rear, on the right.The origin of the play has been paragraphed on every hand, and, in any case, the original is so widely known that they might as well produce a new rendering of Faust and hope to escape detection.

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Naturally subservient, that is, not aspiring to better things.What have they hitherto offered us in marriage, with a great show of generosity and a flourish of trumpets, but the dregs of a life and the leavings of a dozen other women?Now Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail.Both were rich, both lived in beautiful houses, and were almost the last survivors of the old regime.The Speaker 9 August 1890: 168, Col.Duchess of Devonshire, then in her zenith as Duchess of Manchester, her fine neck hung with magnificent pearls; the Duchess of Leinster, glorious in figure and face; Mrs.

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The Journal of British Studies 45.What a part to assign to an artist of such talent!The Graphic 2 March 1895.Vanity Fair 31 December 1881: 373.Algernon William Fulke Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 3 Hereford gardens, St.Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 7 Chesterfield gardens, St.Chat with Lady Violet Greville.

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Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 8 Upper Belgrave street, St.Murray of Polnaise, and Lord Breadalbane.Those pessimists who prophesied that the sport would die out presently, have proved mistaken.Press, Dynasty Press, 2012.Leopold Rothschild, the kindest of hosts.Form and Deformity: The Trouble with Victorian Pockets.Media Science before the Great War.

Hunting and gendered identities: A study in gender construction.Some Notable Women Workers in Society.Muses or less than the Graces.Lady Greville is tall and slender, not beautiful, but with the potent charms of a musical voice and a gay, graceful manner.Two more lady editors are announced.

Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!State balls or parties.Old Friends: An Original One Act Comedy.Her Grace the Duchess of Newcastle, the Marchioness of Breadalbane, Lady Colin Campbell, Lady St.London: Chapman and Hall, 1886.

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Harry Milner as her third husband.Will you remember me to Mrs.It can never heal the breaches or minister to the woes of society, for is a narrow and vindictive partisan.Reported word count: 878.Lady Greville has been staying in Scotland.The true nature of the woman comes out at these times.She has portrayed characters composed of a mixture of good and evil, actuated, even the best among them, at times by unworthy motives.

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Ronald Greville, is married to the stepdaughter of Mr.By Mrs Chaworth Musters.Mary Montgomerie Lamb, pseud.Lord and Lady Holmesdalethe Countess of JerseyLord Henry Gordon LennoxMr.Gilbert Fahrquhar plays a retired naval officer, and Mr.

Fashion in the Garden.Book of Sports, with Illustrations, two vols.Macmillan Education UK, 1991.One peculiarity of her dinners consisted in the number she contrived to seat at her hospitable board.Black Mount, her Highland residence.Nugent, First Baron Greville.

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Upwards of 300 guests were invited.Lord Greville married, in 1863, the Lady Violet Graham, daughter of the late Duke of Montrose, and has a young family.Tigers I Have Shot.The Duchess is well known as an owner of racehorses, and races under the name of Mr.The international journal of the history of sport 22.

January 25, Algernon Fulke Greville succeeded to the barony upon the death of his father and resumed the name Greville for his surname.The vestibule and grand staircase, as well as the approaches to the ball room and adjacent saloons, were tastefully arranged with flowers and the choicest exotics.It was wonderful talk when these veterans of the law poured out their choicest reminiscences, their stories of witty anecdote and legal lore.Westmeath, where his father possesses large estates, married, in 1891, Margaret Helen Anderson, stepdaughter of Mr.London, effects to her surviving son Charles Beresford Fulke baron Greville.Algernon Fulke Greville, 2nd Baron Greville.Ambassadors and Ministers in London being present.

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Sport, dress reform and the emancipation of women in Victorian England: a reappraisal.Aumale was also of the party, but as far as I remember did not fish.The Miseries of War.The Gentlewoman in Society was published by Henry and Co.Hillyard are succeeded by cricket by Lady Milner, who breaks new ground.Reported word count: 55.Maid from the Country.

Athenaeum, July 5, 1890, No.Dress was bewilderingly beautiful.It is impossible to deny to each of the thirteen ladies who have, between them, compiled the volume, a perfect right to be considered an authority on the subject about which she writes.They were both widows, but Lady Powis had several children, and lived with her son.The Peerage: A Genealogical Survey of the Peerage of Britain and the Royal Families of Europe.Lord Russell, Lord Coleridge, Mr.

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Dudley Carleton, and Mr.At Easter or Whitsuntide we usually paid visits to two old aunts, Lady Powis and Lady Emily Foley.Qualified by Occupation qualification to vote in both Parliamentary and Local Government elections.Wyndham then suggested she write for theatre, and she began writing An Aristocratic Alliance.As he has hitherto held the post of a Groom in Waiting to the Queen no fresh election will be necessary in his case, though he is, strictly speaking, new to official work.Nymphs, Naiads and Natation.

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Truly those who thus pervert the beauty and innocent sweetness of childhood have well deserved the epithet of the terribly pious.Lumley, Henry, Jos Acheson, and Rudolph Virchow.The fare was simple, with waffles and other American dishes unknown to and much appreciated by the English visitors.Of these he is very proud.Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a dwelling house at 8 Upper Belgrave street, St.Reprinted in the London Library edition.

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Bernard dog and a little terrier.Miss Starkey follows on the same subject, and reveals herself an ardent angler.The Primrose League Gazette 14 November 1891: 12.Answered in the same month in 1899 by Sturmey, Henry.Two Aunts and a Nephew: A Novel.Wombwell, Colonel Baily, Captain Harrison, Major and Miss Granville, and Mr George Payne.

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Periodicals, Books, and Authors.Nineteenth Century American West.Stewart, Miss Guest, Miss Blanche Guest, Mr.The present Earl of Westmeath is a distant relation of the Marquis and inherited the title, but not the property.Edwards, Miss Emily Faithfull, Mrs.

Rhenish wine, which tasted amazingly nice, food for the gods indeed.The first volume of the series, which will be ready in September, will be by Lady Violet Greville on The Gentlewoman in Society and she will be followed by Dr.We notice that in the majority of the articles considerable attention is devoted to the very important subject of dress.Mary Duchess of Hamilton, and her daughter?Solid binding in green cloth with gilt decoration around spine.

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One or two ladies in London gave charming Sunday dinners, quite small and very select.Lady Violet Greville is listed second among the ladies; people related to the Grevilles included Lord William Graham, who was a member, and Marquis Graham and Mr.Corry founded the Rowton lodging houses for poor people, which have done so much good, and proved a boon to houseless wanderers.Lord Waterford in later years married a very charming lady, daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, and a keen sportswoman.Patrick Greville Nugent, being the wife of Lord Greville, his eldest brother.Greville back to her carriage and seeing her drive from his house, standing his his good gray head uncovered in the street.

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For many years she was well known as a writer under the name of Lady Violet Greville.The Journal of the Society of Arts 18.Gerrard saved from a wild pig by her Irish wolfhound out walking in Cheshire; Mrs.Earl AnnesleyColonel and the Hon.Although the evergreen Duchess attains this year the limit of age prescribed by the Psalmist, the bridegroom was only born in 1864.

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Society in the Country House.Reported word count: 260.Yet has she shown that through the natures of most men there runs a golden vein, often buried beneath coarse clay, but which now and then forces itself to the surface.By Lady Violet Greville.The most likely connection between Lady Violet Greville and Appleby in Westmoreland is amateur dramatics and the aristocracy.

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He is a member of many clubs, sporting and otherwise.Mayfair streets, looking more than ever like the wandering Jew.We stayed chiefly with Mr.Lafayette photograph of Lady Greville, last thing in the article.The Graphic 19 August 1893.

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The abundance of ornament, in architecture, dress and furniture is an English failing.Team and Tandem Driving.By Miss Sybil Salaman.This is the season of hunt balls.Reprinted in the London Library edition.Bruce, is drawn a noble nature triumphant even in the hour of apparent defeat.

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Miss Verney, Lord and Lady Conyers, a Count and Countess Wezele, Lady Violet Greville, Viscount Mountgarrett, the Hon.Lord and Lady Londesborough, the Marquis Conynghim, Lord Annesley, Lord and Lady Alexander Gordon Lennox, Mr.December 2, Algernon Fulke Greville died.Miss Leale, and others.Samuda reveals considerable experience of her subject.

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The Spectator, both before 26 February 1885.House of Montrose has passed away, by the death, in her 90th year, at Bournemouth, on 1st March, of the Dowager Lady Greville.The camera has taken the place of the valet de chambre, to whom no man is a hero.In later years we hunted from London.My mother was a Beresford, with all the Irish wit and beauty, and I looked forward much to meeting the four brothers celebrated for their cleverness and their power of repartee.Lord Dunmore spoke of his exciting experiences at a Christian Science meeting; recitation as an art, the only good ones are Mr.Violet Greville is writing for the Graphic at least by now.

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AbbotMajor AlisonEarl Amherst and Lady Constance AmherstMr.Saunders, Otley, and Company, 1861.Algernon William Fulke Greville, 2nd Baron Greville of Clonyn.The International Journal of the History of Sport 29.In particular she championed the cause of sports for women.Lady Evelyn Heathcote, Colonel and the Hon.Victorian Periodicals Review 23.

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In the spring Lady Greville usually goes to the Riviera, where she puts in a few weeks at Nice or Mentone.Sir Ivor Guest, Bart.Qualified by Occupation qualification to vote in both Parliamentary and Local Government elections.King Edward in His True Colours.The Portrait of a Lady and The Turn of the Screw.Preview in Google Books: Keenan, Desmond.

West Perthshire; he was a shipowner.Father: Graham, 4th Duke of MontroseHusband: Algernon Fulke Greville, 2nd Baron GrevilleLady Violet GrevilleLady Beatrice Violet GrahamMr.London may not entirely lose its old accustomed homely features, and become a place of buildings forty stories hight, shutting out the little light and air that civilization has left us.Thellusson was Maria, daughter of Sir.The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times 30 August 1873, Saturday: 132, Col.

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The death occurred at Bournemouth this week of the Dowager Lady Greville, a daughter of the House of Montrose.Lady Violet Greville might lead us to believe.Oxford University Press, 2005.She was an aunt of the present Duke, and her only surviving sister is the Marchioness of Breadalbane.In the time of Queen Victoria it was rare indeed to see a man driving in an open carriage except when escorting a lady.

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English country than I ever did before.Once married, she may have given the name up, at which point Violet Greville took it over?Baron and Lady Diana Huddleston always rented a house at Brighton for the autumn months, and there I sometimes stayed with them.Reviewed by the Times as well as Stage.He is fond of racing in a quiet sort of way, but bets little.

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Royal Artillery stationed at Maidstone.Victorian Page: The Web Magazine of Victoriana.Her first husband was the fourth Duke of Montrose.Philanthropy and the Victorians.The Spectator 12 March 1892: 23.

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He was formerly Captain in the Life Guards, and is a Deputy Lieutenant for Westmeath.His traveling expenses had not been calculated upon too liberal a scale.Gladstone occupied it a winter or so ago.Camilla to the Hon.Reported word count: 1347.Why do Mr Wyndham and Lady Violet Greville lend colour to the accusations of MM.

The Sixteenth Century at the Exhibition of French Primitives.Square, there, in a bath chair outside the door, sat Lord Waterford.Yet another chapter on angling commands attention, for it is written by Mrs.She has made for herself a name in literature and journalism, has written novels, and for many years has contributed a weekly letter to an illustrated contemporary.Grace, on 24 November 1909.

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Reported word count: 353.Militia0 of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, received his commission in the 1st Life Guards in July, 1886.Qualified by Occupation qualification to vote in both Parliamentary and Local Government elections.Preview in Google Books: Onslow, Barbara.Married to Algernon Fulke Greville, 2nd Baron Greville, 5 December 1863 at St.

Gladstone is the Evil One from which the Revised Version bids us pray to be delivered.Their mother sometimes tried to subdue their exuberant jollity, but what could one woman do with four Irish boys radiant with spirits and fun?Liverpool Mercury 29 January 1883, Monday: 5, Col.In addition to the gastronomic charms of his table, a picked number of the most celebrated singers, actors and artists of the day assembled.The profession is a very arduous one; it requires great mental strength and capacity of tension.

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The Society of Authors.Theatre for a performance; the Prince of Wales was there, as were a number of people in his retinue, the Duke of Montrose and a Mr.The royal women were wearing black.He cleans knives and boots, carries coals, and does everything disagreeable and arduous for everybody else.There are few sensational novelists who might not envy Lady Greville her faculty of creating a mystery in so natural a way that it is in keeping with an appearance of probability.The International Journal of the History of Sport 20.Far Cathay and Farther India.

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Reported word count: 268.The Grevilles are in the middle of Col.Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage.Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2015.The Gentlewoman in Society.

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London: Henry and Co.There is a painting.Riding in Ireland and India.Hurst and Blackett, 1893: 77.Victorian literature and culture 30.The Violence of Representation: James, Sargent and the Suffragette.

Antoinette; and Mr De Lange contributed a most amusing sketch of the outraged Vatel.Manton stable has made famous.Here you met ambassadors, cabinet ministers, the editor of The Times, a great personage to whom everyone cringed and from whom everyone eagerly sought news.Up to midnight no change appeared, but shortly afterwards her breathing became laboured, and she passed away quietly from sudden failure the heart, in the presence of her two daughters, Baroness Greville and the Marchioness of Breadalbane.Colonel Scott, the Hon.Solitary Woman: A Life of Violet Trefusis.Jebb, Caroline, et al.

The claims of fiction will not be disregarded, arrangements having been made for new novels by, amongst others, Mrs.As a contribution to contemporary philosophy, we fear that her work is hardly of a sufficiently serious and weighty nature.Queen has ordered two copies of each volume for the royal library, and the Princess of Wales is also a subscriber.Who 1907: An Annual Biographical Dictionary.Book of Cuisine, by Mrs.BNA calls it Larne Times, Antrim, Northern Ireland?Men of the Day.

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Letters from the End of the Affair.Lady Violet Greville is tall and slim in build.By Miss Rosie Anstruther Thomson.Obituary: Captain The Hon.There is no accounting for taste.Hearing that Lady Waterford was very ill I went down to enquire after her.Reprinted in the London Library edition.

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Lady Waldegrave, Lady Palmerston, and Lady Beaconsfield.Sports and Service in the British Empire.Her daughters, both unmarried, were our greatest friends.Charles Beresford Greville had recently married an American, Mrs.Google Books has 1894 edition.The gods of the pious are but too often selfishness and harshness; but they must be served, or we are morally ostracised by their devotees.

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He had injured himself in the hunting field and was unable to walk.The heroine, Luce, is a charming figure, who until the end retains sympathy, even though the impulse which leads her to hand Dick Carrol over to Lady Fenchurch, may by many be found too Quixotic.He looked terribly depressed, and when I spoke to him sympathetically and asked after his wife, the tears poured down his pale cheeks.What was to be done?Memoir by His Son.Soon after my marriage I went to stay at Curraghmore, the beautiful home of Lord Waterford.Levy, the founder of the Daily Telegraph, in Lancaster Gate.

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The Correspondence of James McNeill Whistler.As Lord Greville, he sat in the House of Lords.We had a little coterie.Thames Ditton Surrey widow died 29 February1932 at the Imperial Hotel East Cliff Bournemouth Probate London 9 April to Charles Beresford Fulke baron Greville.Women are incorrigible, men alone can combat the mania, men alone can sanitise public opinion.Crawford, to whom she was married in 1876 and who died in 1883.

In the volume before us there is not a dull page.Granville, Clarendon Crescent, during the races.Stewart gives many judicious hints to beginners at golf.Westminster 168 Greville Lord 8, Upper Belgrave st.From the Journal of 1870.

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Many of our best writers and legal luminaries have been journalists.Freestyle Relay Team at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games.September 28, Lady Violet Greville Nugent gave birth to a daughter, Camilla?Their high spirits were unfailing, and the four brothers chaffed each other and everybody else unmercifully.Lowther, who had 2 daughters Wilde liked, and Francis William Lowther, illegitimate son of William Loather, 2nd Earl of LonsdaleMr.Annually an epidemic of some form of headgear occurs.Italian, but she was English, a dainty petite person and very proud of her small feet.

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Lacing and Other Forms of Body Sculpture.April 26, Tuesday, Mr.This event shows an editorial exchange system, as this story appears verbatim in several newspapers in a few days, including in Dublin.The Gentlewoman in Society.Henry Milner, of the Old Bank, Leeds, and brother of Lady Gerard and the Countess of Durham.

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Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2012.He died in 1883, and five years later she married Mr.Society and Its Morals.Sunday, grandfather and mother, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters.Dublin Evening Post 2 October 1866, Tuesday: 1, Col.Calendar of Productions, Performers, and Personnel.

Beatrice Violet Greville, 1910.The Times Digital Archive.To see one of these beauties ascending the marble stairs at Devonshire House, always a trying performance, was a treat for the gods.Sometimes these performances took place in the presence of royals.We discussed all manner of subjects, and once arranged a hasheesh party which, however, did not come off.They are full of life and go, historical lore and vivid imagery.Princess of Wales was invited, and where the Duchess of Bedford handed round the vegetables.

During the last two years she has worked steadily and has done more than during the rest of her career.Lady Violet Greville, with Contributions on Riding, Fencing, Shooting, Driving, Hunting, Fishing, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Gymnastics, Archery, etc.Flora Annie Steel: Novelist of India.Sports, the contributors to which will comprise, amongst others, the Marchioness of Bredalbane, Lady Colin Campbell, and Miss Leale.The Whitefriars Library of Wit and Humour, ed.Elegant Amazons: Victorian riding habits and the fashionable horsewoman.It is impossible not to feel an attachment for him, combined with the veneration that almost have for that vast intellect.

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And Miss Emily Fowler comes but little better off.Kate Mitchell, who will write on Hygiene for Gentlewomen.She was in her 90th year.The Need for Recreation.Louis Wain presided and Mlle.

Tennyson, Halam Tennyson, baron.Ye children of man; whose life is a span,Protracted with sorrow from day to day,Naked and featherless, feeble and querulous,Sickly, calamitous creatures of clay!The year following his death she married Mr.Lights Out at the Waldorf Theatre is good, with Mr.The Sketch 4 April 1894, Wednesday: 5, Col.

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Lady Greville, a daughter of the Duchess of Montrose, writes on sports under the pseudonym of Mr.The life of the Society woman thus sketched from the inside by one whose qualifications for the task are indisputable is sure to interest a large number of readers, both within and without the charmed circle.Lady Greville has something to say that is either fresh in itself or freshly stated.That he takes care it is no dead letter, as far as he is concerned, goes without saying.We fancy that this work will be something of a revelation to the ordinary male reader.

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Lady Violet Greville was the hostess beneath whose roof Arnold found social inspiration exactly needed to show him in his full charm.Getting to the Foot of the Mountain.Melville, the novelist, a most delightful and amiable companion with whom I generally rode home leisurely.The ceremony was followed by a partie carrée luncheon at the Bristol, and the honeymoon began with a visit to the Jockey Club box at Sundown.Mary Montgomerie Lamb, pseud.Also works on Gardening, Painting, the Toilette, Art, Needlework, etc.

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Oscar Wilde was a poseur in public, but in private he could be very simple.Indeed, Lord Greville has the good fortune to be on the best of terms with his tenants, and he thinks the Land Bill the best Bill every given to Ireland.Kendal; and, amongst amateurs, the not less gifted Mrs.The Marquis and Marchioness of Hastings have been the guests of Mr and Mrs Ferd.Culture on Two Wheels: The Bicycle in Literature and Film.

Alastair Hay, the son of the Earl of Kinnoull.James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose.Leonards, Lady Boynton, Mrs.Eliot, Lord Eliot, Mr.James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose.

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Greville, Lady Violet, ed.The International Journal of the History of Sport 32.Il faut être anglais pour diner à café Riche; il faut être riche pour diner à café anglais.At the last General Election he unsuccessfully contested the Barnsley Division of Yorkshire against Earl Compton.Lady Violet Greville at Appleby but she certainly mixed with the same set of amateurs that the Hothfields mixed with.They introduced us to the charms of the then fashionable novels, The Heir of Redcliffe, and The Wide, Wide World, sentimental stuff we should despise now, but which then we loved.No members of the royal family seem to have been present.

Dods Parliamentary Companion, Vol.As a rule, her characters are chosen from the level of mediocrity, the heroine excepted.Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, etc.Reported word count: 206.Dean of Hereford, often invited themselves.Life Below Stairs in the Victorian and Edwardian Country House.Lord Greville is listed in the London Electoral Register as living in a house at 7 Chesterfield gardens, St.

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National Review in May, 1890?Beatrice Violet Greville, 1893.Brandram and now Mr.Laurence Cautley a not very staunch lover.Francis Lowther, née Miss de Foublanque, a very beautiful woman, whose two little girls were great favourites of Oscar Wilde.

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Victorian Periodicals Review 18.Book of Dress, by Mrs.She was Lady Violet Graham, is the sister of the Duke of Montrose and of Lady Breadalbane, and married Lord Greville in the far off sixties.Sailing could not be in more appropriate hands than those of Mrs.It is doubtful whether the salvation of souls is secured by these great professors of piety; it is certain that the happiness of families and of the world at large is not increased by them.

The International journal of the history of sport 19.The Bachelor Girl in 1890s New Woman Fiction.New York: Palsgrave Macmillan; Springer, 2012.No royals are mentioned in the story for the ball or hunt.Lady Beatrice Violet Graham.

Janotha brought her black cat and her violin.Green Park, with its delightful music room where you heard heavenly music and ate delicious food.Reported word count: 263.James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose, died.September 1886: 350, Col.Life as a Victorian Lady.Mrs Ronnie: The Society Hostess Who Collected Kings.

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With this end in view, she enters into lengthy dissertations upon society as it appears to her, and upon the place that is filled in by her own sex.Stuart Erskine edits a monthly, the Kensington.McKenzie, Precious, McKenzie Precious Savory Isabel Le Blond, and Aubrey Kingsley Mary Henrietta Bird ISA.The Secret of Barravoe: A Tale.Indeed, the entire book, which, without being a series of condensed treaties, contains abundant practical information, should find a host of readers among English girls with a taste for healthy and enjoyable exercise.The Edmund Yates papers in the University of Queensland Library: a catalogue.Treatment of Artistic Collaboration.

Agnes Caroline Graham, died.All the amateurs sang his songs and admired his good looks.Folio 132 Page 5, but 1827 is a typo, should be 1817?Stagg, Miss Stewart, Mrs.New Theatre Quarterly 21.Lady Greville spends some time every autumn at Black Mount or at Taymouth Castle.Letter 18 October 1869, No.

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Her husband, before succeeding his father, had been private secretary to Mr Gladstone, and a Lord of the Treasury.Both her style and her language are extremely florid and ornate, and some of her sentiments are very beautiful.The Puffery and Practicality of Etiquette Books: A New Take on Victorian Information Culture.Gabrielli was a regular attendant at first nights, and she often asked me to accompany her, a request always acceded to.Haud Immemor: Reminiscences of Legal and Social Life in Edinburgh and London.The unobtrusive wedding of Mr.

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He has, too, and very clever and accomplished wife.Frenchmen of the idea that the English stage lives entirely upon pilfering from Paris.Lady Violet Greville, Lady Churchill, Mrs.Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012.One advantage of a hunt ball is the number of men and the good fellowship one finds there.

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To Marry an English Lord: Tales of Wealth and Marriage, Sex and Snobbery.Not 3 volumes; octavo.Davenport Adams will, in addition, be responsible for the management of the paper.Odo Russell, and Captain Lumley, were present.Lady Rosa Emily Mary Anne Nugent, died.Lady Violet Greville, Mr.Bailys Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, London, October, Vol.

Bibliography of the Writing in Prose and Verse of Algernon Charles Swinburne, 1919.Californian poet who ate his chicken bones with his fingers, placing them when throughly gnawed beside his plate on the tablecloth; Laurence Oliphant, a weird mystic and fine talker; and Wildrid Blunt, poetic, enthusiastic and oriental in his tastes.Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet.The illness of the Dowager Duchess of Montrose is causing her family much anxiety.Hautpoul and Princess Teano.Private, UT, USA: Operations, Inc.Panama hats on men and women; men and women should know how to swim.

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